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Second week

One week more have passed and we have finally begun to really dive and get into what this project is all about.

i passed my coral exam but just barely, it is insanely hard. now the next part is to have three perfect spot dives.

a sot dive is a dive where 2 or more divers follow a staff member who points to a coral, and we write it down on our slate a dive is normally 40 minutes and we go through 15-25 corals in the time. if you get one wrong the spot is just educational to pass you have to get 3 dive with a 100% accuracy. damn i have had three spot dives now i get from 1-3 mistakes each time...gotta cranck up my brain!!!

we have also done a beach clean on base collecting garbage in a 100 meters stretch. we found quite alot!
iẗ́s getting colder though and i regret not having a wetsuit....until a actually found a suit left by the one of the others that had been on the base. and i got to keep it....AWESOME!!!

else the time has been spent chilling, reading and studying corals. there is so much more studying than i thought there would be.

but it is still awesome :)

see ya all next time

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