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Fourth week (halfway).

So okay now we are halfway done with the program, so what have I learned and how has it been.

First of all i've finished with my coral exam but have not had my 3 times 100% spot dives yet as I already have been assigned To CC which I have started studying and started doing cc spot dives.

So what have I done have I contributed...hmmm not really I have had 2 coral watch dives, but am still training to monitor. I am learning a lot but would like tostart to do something more

The last week was kinda sucky I was sick until Thursday, so I did absolutely nothing except read and try to sleep. It's getting colder down here, sometimes at night I actually have to use my sleeping bag :)

Besides this it is still pretty sweet down here, but I do hope to pick up the tempo again after my illness

this weekend me and some the others are doing a quadruple cenote dive saturday and sunday and maybe after this we will go to the ruins of Coba. Yet most of the volunteers have booked them self into a luxury hotel for 2 nights I guess they need some pampering after being out here 2 months.

I an see how that will become enticingm it already is I must say ;)

but surprise surprise my sickness hasreturned and I am once again unfit for diving ffs... this is startingto annoy me allot

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