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final week

So it has all come to an end.

so how have it been, hmm i must say it has been up  and down a lot. the sickness really set me back and screwed with my whole experience of this trip.
But that set aside the very last diving i MADE IT i actually got approved to monitor so i got 2 dives done mapping a total 38 corals in the very very shallow reef SMDR05.

Monitoring corals is done by two persons, the cc guy (me) and an pi guy (point intercept). It all starts with putting down a 30 meter tape line, the pi guy leads and records everything he sees at 25 cm intervals. The CC guy follows and records type, health, bleach and predation and lastly we measures the size. it is stressing work for if you don't make a full 30 meter line none of the data counts and it wont get recorded. you have 40 min in the water and you still have to observe dive safety as always.

You can barely call the two monitor dives for diving, the reef was 3 meters below the surface, with some huge Acropoa Palmata (age huge "elk horn" coral)actually breaking the surface in some points. really amazing corals, but so hard to keep your buoyancy right when you have your head down in the coral and your feet breaking the surface....very annoying.

but it was awesome doing the monitoring, i've was so happy that i actually reached my goal of monitoring even if it was only twice.

Besides all what i have already told you about, it has actually been a pretty special trip, not the most standard vacation trip one but definitely one of the most inspiring learning experiences ever. and i would certainly recommend it for at least try it once in a lifetime. It's important to now whats going on in our oceans, the coral reefs is such an important part of our Eco system and a lot of people don't understand the significance of these reefs and what would happen to our own little over-water world if they would go extinct.

i don't know if i would do it again, maybe someday but for now i'm done with no electricity, bucket flush toilets, waking at 5.30 am and eating vegetables without meat or dairy (not considering long lasting milk)  5 days a week.

once again thanks for reading (if anybody does that sort of thing hehe) and see ya'll another time for another travel

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