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6 and 7 week

so a double update, we moved our weekend to Wednesday as we had bad weather so we moved it to get more dives done. So we have had a long week, but I'm fresh and not longer sick, so now i'm finally going diving again.

And I have been diving, but sadly the weather is getting a bit rough (hence the lost weekend) so we had lost some days of diving to bad weather. But i'm back in action and doing CC spotting but is really really hard, but really cool too. CC is the art of telling how the coral is doing, is it being predated on by fish or other animals? Is it diseased? What kind of disease is it etc.

but with only 3 diving days left I doubt I will get to monitor, damn that stupid infection I had set me back 2 weeks of spotting.

But there's some good news with the bad weather tuesday the winds were so hard we couldn't get out, but in stead the staff took us diving in casa cenote a wonderful freshwater cenote, where we had a fun dive AND saw a 1 meter freshwater crocodile swim around awesome sight!

All in all i've seen a lot of animals



Spotted eagle ray's

Bunch of different tropical fish

Bucketfull of Iguanas

Bottlenose Dolphins

Racoons raiding our kitchen

Moray Eels


and a single Bull Shark swimmig around the coast

a 2 meter Boa constrictor snake

Scorpions crawling in our huts and in the wetsuits, remember to tjek before you wear ;)

and a lot more but you take it for granted pretty fast when you live around them hehe

and this weekend I went diving in 2 different cenotes, one called the pit and the other dreamgate. It was pure awesome diving through caverns long since flooded but still beautiful it was amazing, completely without compare it was fantastic like diving through another world.

The pit was so deep 126 meters down into the underworld, we only went 40 meters which is still the limit of my education and certification, but wow was it worth it, the lights played through the rocks and we dived through a sediment cloud that completely swallowed all light and vision it was spectacular. we also saw some old claypots thrown in there by the old Mayans as offerings to the gods.

If you ever go to Mexico yucatan, don't miss out on Cenote diving it's out of this world

Dreamgate was only 6-8 meters deep but it was as the name suggest like stepping into another world. a flooded cavern with stalactites, stalagmites and the connected columns of the both the types. it was awe inspiring

I hope the last week will be as awesome, it has already improved a million times since I quit the disease I had, but it really set me back I must say … but right now it's looking great and it's been 2 awesome weeks

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