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3'rd week

OKAY so 3 week have now passed so what's new

FIrstly the food is finally getting to me, it is becoming quite boring as it is always the same ingredients so i'm starting to look forward to our friday night dinners and the weekend where we normally go to tow and can eat meat again.

i have been studying more corals and got my first 100% spot but  next day i had one mistake so back to square 2 i guess. but the staff still think i do a good job and are giving me coral watch dives (to catalog coral colors and type) and i have started my advanced coral training in CC Coral Conditions, disease, sponges etc

+ tuesday i got to swim with a pack of wild dolphins they showed up and played with us, they came really close and played around with us and between themself.

it's going pretty well despite if have just caught some kind of flu so i had to go to the doctor to get cleared for diving and get over this incident, but alas i ave 38.7 in fever and have to take antibiotics for a couple of days and hopefully it will deal with it

until then no diving :(

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